Google AdWords 101

Intro to AdWords

This beginner session explains what Paid Search is, why it should be used, the difference between the Search Network and the Display Network, and other beginner questions.

AdWords Structure and Creating your Setup

Believe it or not, the basic setup will profoundly affect your costs and conversions. Learn what it takes to organize different ad groups based on keywords, AdGroups, and campaigns in order to keep the costs down and the conversions up.

How to Choose your Keywords

In this session, you will learn how to use software tools to bid on the right keywords for your business. You’ll also understand how to weigh that against price per click (maybe it’s a great keyword, but can you afford it? If not, what can you afford.)

How to Write a Great Ad

You only get a small amount of space in each ad, so use it well. Should you include a phone number? Your prices? Knowing what kind of copy to include in your ad will help increase the effectiveness of your ads. We’ll also talk about extremely easy ways to test ads.

Landing Page Strategy

AdWords is about more than keywords and ads — the page your customer lands on will largely determine whether you get the sale or lead. And, the better your landing page matches your ad/keyword, the higher your quality score will be, the lower your cost will go, and finally, the higher your ad will place on the place.

Understanding Match Type and Quality Score

Choosing the right match type will often improve your placement and decrease your cost, too. Learn about Broad, Phrase, Exact and Negative match types.

Basic AdWords Reporting

Reporting on the successes of your campaigns matters to you (and probably, to your boss) so that you can understand if your AdWords spend is cost effective. We’ll show you a few different AdWords reports that will help you fine-tune your Campaigns, AdGroups, ads and keywords.