AdWords 201 Intermediate Level

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AdWords 201 Intermediate Level

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Seminars 101  |  AUG 11-14

For marketers with past experience using Google AdWords who are looking for additional optimization opportunities.

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Product Description

Google AdWords 201

Search Network vs. Display Network

It’s essential to understand the differences between the Search Network and the Display Network, and when to use each to reach your goals.

Ad Extensions

The more real estate your brand can capture on the search engine result page the better. Learn how to include locations, phone numbers, or additional links within your PPC ads in order to draw in more customers.


Many times advertisers only want to their Paid Search ads to show in certain geographical areas where they do business, or want to ensure ads do not show up where they don’t do business.  Geo-targeting solves those problems by ensuring you reach where you need to.


Are there times of the day your campaigns experience strong conversion rates, and times when you’d like to limit your Paid Search coverage due to low conversion rates?  Learn how to turn ads off and on based on time of day, or lower maximum cost-per-click bids based on certain conditions.

Automated Rules

Thankfully, Google has provided us with multiple tools that allow us to set rules to make automatic changes to our campaigns, making account management easier and more efficient.

Advanced Reporting

Many reporting techniques are available to evaluate the performance of your campaigns, which all advertisers should use in order to make PPC optimizations.

AdWords 201 Curriculum

A how-to session designed to introduce intermediate AdWords concepts. This sessions builds off the concepts introduced in AdWords 101. Ideal for the novice (after attending AdWords 101), through intermediate advertisers.

Morning Session Afternoon Session

Intermediate AdWords Features

  • How to geotarget your campaign
  • Ad preview tool
  • Demographic bidding
  • Creating a placement-targeted campaign
  • Site and category exclusion
  • IP Exclusion
  • Using Position Preference to increase ROI
  • Ad Scheduling
  • Ad Extensions, Tags, Seller Rating Extensions

Keyword List Optimization

  • Understanding how people search
  • Building and refining your keyword list with Google’s tools, including Google Instant
  • Building and refining your list with 3rd party keyword tools
  • Dynamic keyword insertion

How to Use AdWords Editor

  • Features and benefits
  • Tips and tricks

How to Self-Diagnose

  • Why is my Quality Score low?
  • Why can’t I see my ad?
  • Using the Disapproved Ads Tool
  • Using the Ads Diagnostic Tool

Understanding ROI

  • What is ROI? 
  • Determining the value of a keyword
  • Bid Simulator

Other Bidding Options

  • Automatic bidding
  • CPM bidding
  • Enhanced CPC bidding
  • Conversion Optimizer

Managing Accounts, API, TV Ads…

  • My Client Center
  • Google Certification Program
  • AdWords API
  • Television ads

Optimizing Your Landing Pages

  • Basics of landing page optimization
  • Intro to Website Optimizer

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Take-Aways, To-Dos, and Resources

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